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Town of Edmeston ~  History

 by Robert Nonenmacher

The Edmeston Township, in Otsego County, extends to the West as far as the Unadilla River (a line that was established by the treaty of Fort Stanwyx between the English and the Indians). The name of Edmeston was derived from the Edmeston brothers, Robert and William, who had been granted patents in what is the northwest corner of the Township. The hamlets of West Edmeston and South Edmeston are situated in the Unadilla Valley, while the hamlet of Edmeston lies in the Wharton Valley. Earlier settlers came from New England; for most of the settlers, it was planned as a stopover on their way west. A strong Baptist influence came with the settlers. Universalists, Methodist and Catholics soon arrived.

Largely rural by nature, dairy farming was the main industry. Cheese factories, creameries, livery stables, blacksmith shops, tanneries, etc. were created. One room schoolhouses were scattered throughout the township. By damming the Creeks, power was created for foundries and mills. Hop growing and Maple syrup production were seasonal products. Each hamlet developed business districts and became self sufficient. By the late 1800s, and the beginning of the 1900s, trains were introduced. Then cars, busses and trucks arrived on the scene. Dams were washed out and electricity became available. The hamlets evolved into bedroom communities. The one room schoolhouses closed and the Central School was developed in the hamlet of Edmeston.

Today residents go in all four directions for employment. Materials and supplies are readily available in great choices either by mail or by traveling in any direction. The New York Central Insurance Company (in Edmeston) not only provides positions for many of the locals, but also for hundreds that come into the community each day. On the Eastern side of the Township is the Pathfinder Village (home for Down Syndrome residents) that provides more employment.

The population of the Township has not increased drastically through the years; it still remains rural by nature. Organizations like the local Rotary, Legion, Firemen and Emergency Squad have active volunteers that provide community needs in lieu of governments in the hamlets. The Central School is the center of activities. In spite of their diversity, the residents remain interested and concerned about the community and their neighbors.

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