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2009 News

Edmeston December 27, 2009

We have now passed the shortest day of the year (Dec. 21) and the official start of Winter. We are reminded that as the days begin to lengthen the cold begins to strengthen. This means that we are one day closer to Spring.

Christmas eve services in the area churches were very well attended. There was no major storm, in  fact, the weather was agreeable. It’s always such a beautiful time of year.

Don’t forget the “Special Benefit” for Katie Barker Jennings. This will be held at the Red Pines Golf Course, January 10, 2010 from 1:00 – 4:00 and will feature a Chinese auction, raffles, food and a band. For more information, call Candy @965-8052.

Tim & Cindy Davis from Ohio, spent a few days here helping her mother Charlotte and Jim Price get moved into the Gilmore Nursing Facility in Norwich. While here, they enjoyed dinner at Brooks House of BBQ in Oneonta, and were joined by Norm & Irene McCumber, Bill & Shirley Emhof.

This Sunday, January 3, 2010, will be the first breakfast sponsored by the fire department. This is a donation breakfast with serving from 7:00 – 11:00 at the firehouse.

Happy New Year!

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Edmeston December 20, 2009

If you enjoy going out for breakfast? Keep in mind that the fire department will be having a breakfast (much like the Legion did), starting the first Sunday of each month. January 3, 2010 will be the first one. This is a donation breakfast with serving from 7:00 – 11:00 A.M. at the firehouse.

There will be a “Special Benefit” for Katie Barker Jennings, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. This will be held at the Red Pines Golf Course, January 10, 2010 from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. and will feature a Chinese auction, raffles, food and a band. For more information or to help, contact Candy @ 965-8052.

Need a little something more for a stocking stuffer? Why not consider a “Euro Sticker” being sponsored by the Edmeston Rotary Club? These are available from Rotarians or at local businesses.

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Edmeston December 13, 2009

Breakfast with Santa was a huge success, and the Auxiliary would like to thank everyone who attended as well as those who helped in any way. Pictures with Santa got a little behind, so if you did not get yours, Deb will have them at the bank.

Guess the snow blower races will be cancelled this year. One of the main leaders no longer lives in the State and another will be in California until the first of the year……..sorry!

Please read and heed! Tucked into the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania is the village of Dimock. In the past year, the hamlet has grown a skyline of gas drilling rigs. They have brought jobs and landowner royalties, but at a price. Residents had good tasting well water before drilling. Nearby gas drilling is the reason for contaminating the wells. The same type of drilling now taking place in Dimock is headed for towns in upstate New York, including the Catskills.
Methane gas from nearby drilling caused an explosion. Leaking gas is now vented through a stack. More and more residents have a methane gas vent in their yard, purification systems in their house, and still, well water that’s unhealthy to drink.
People see money and that’s what they want.
They think that they can clean the water. You can’t clean an aquifer once they dirty it. You can’t clean it. There is no going back. New York City has called on the state to ban gas drilling in the watershed. The state is looking into new regulations and recently extended a public comment period until the end of the year.

The Rotary Club is sponsoring “Euro Sticker Community Pride Project”. Euro Stickers originated in the EU to show country of origin. The Euro Sticker is an oval shape with a white background and bold black letters. Examples are UK for the United Kingdom, FR for France etc. Many communities in the USA have adopted the concept of the Euro Stickers; typically, you will see Euro Stickers such as, COOP for Cooperstown, LG for Lake George, OF Old Forge, etc. The Rotary Club Stickers will be EDM for Edmeston and BURL for Burlington. These Euro Stickers may be purchased from local businesses or any Rotarian.

Good news for Breakfast lovers! The Edmeston Fire Department will be serving breakfast (much like the Legion did) the first Sunday of the month, starting January 3, 2010. Serving is from 7:00 to ll:00 A. M. at the firehouse, by donation.

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Edmeston December 6, 2009

Hey Kids! The little elf that gave me the information about Breakfast With Santa had the wrong time down. Breakfast with Santa will be this Saturday, December 12th at the firehouse, but the times are 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

The Rotary Christmas Project will take place Saturday, December 12th at the Edmeston Central School cafeteria. Families that have been selected by the Clergy, Teachers and Area Council of Churches will receive items that have been left at the 2nd Baptist Church Annex as well as gifts, toys and gift cards. A great way to make sure these families have a Merry Christmas.

The Annual Meeting of the Edmeston Free Library will be Friday, January 8, 2010 at the library.

I sometimes wonder if my time and effort are worth writing a weekly column. Well, Saturday, that question was answered for me by a person who lives on Long Island. He came to the museum and while there, told me he keeps track of what is going on in the area by reading the column on his computer. This really makes it all seem worth while.

I know everyone is busy this time of the year, but if you have some news that you would like to share, let me hear from you.

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Edmeston November 29, 2009

When “Christmas Around the World” started, many of those attending wore native dress and brought old world dishes to pass. Some of those attending now, still carry the tradition, while others attend just for the fellowship. Everyone is welcome! This year, it will be Sunday, December 6th at the Edmeston Central School cafeteria, starting at 12:30 P.M. Anyone attending should bring their place setting and a dish to pass. The program will be “Celebrating Hanukkah” with Debbie and Mark Pearlmutter.

The firemen’s auxiliary are getting ready for “Breakfast with Santa”, December 12th 9:00 til Noon, at the firehouse. Plan on bringing the kids to have breakfast with Santa and let them tell the jolly old fellow what they want for Christmas.

The Rotary Club is still soliciting “gently used clothing” for their “Christmas Spirit” project. Items may be left at the 2nd Baptist Church Annex, prior to December 10th. Lets help the Rotary Club with this project and make a good Christmas for some local families.

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Edmeston November 22, 2009

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching, and with it, will be the annual “Christmas Around the World” dinner. This will take place at the Edmeston Central School cafeteria on December 6th at 12:30 P.M. Those attending should bring their place setting and a dish to pass. The program will be “Celebrating Hanukkah” with Debbie and Mark Pearlmutter.

Hey Kids, tell your parents to reserve December 12th for “Breakfast with Santa” at the firehouse. 9:00 A.M. til noon. This event has grown each year and everyone has a good time, so plan on having breakfast and talking to Santa.

It’s the talk of the Town! Bernie Nononmacher sent me a picture of the albino white tail deer just below town and Saturday there was a truck in town with a large black bear in the back. I understand he was shot near the water company. Quite a few people got to see the bear. Someone thought the hunter was from Brookfield.

For years, the Edmeston Rotary Club has sponsored, “The Christmas Spirit”. They are soliciting “gently used clothing” and toys. This can be left at the Second Baptist Church Annex prior to December 10th. Families in the area have been selected and notified to come to the Edmeston Central School cafeteria on December 12th, when they will receive the clothing, toys and gifts or gift cards to help make a “Merry Christmas”. Rotarians, Clergy, Teachers and the Area Council of Churches have compiled the list of families who they feel could benefit from the “Christmas Spirit”.

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Edmeston November 15, 2009

Books, Books, and more Books (500 to be exact). The new selection of books from the Four County Library System has arrived and Dottie has them all displayed. Instead of watching the boob tube, why not read a good book? Library hours are: Tuesday 3:00 – 9:00 P.M., Wednesday 1:00 – 6:00 P.M., Thursday 1:00 – 6:00 P.M. and Saturday 9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

The Edmeston Tea Circle is having a bake sale in connection with the Edmeston Miniatures (United Methodist Church), at the Town Hall (Old Legion Building), Saturday, November 21st from 9:00 A.M. – Noon. If you didn’t pre-order a miniature, there will be a very few available and lots of good baked goods!

Be extra careful driving, as shot gun season for deer starts Saturday. There seems to be plenty of deer and once the hunters get them stirred up they will be running in all directions and crossing the roads.

The West Edmeston and Edmeston Fire Departments were able to get in some good practice Saturday, when both departments responded to a controlled burn in South Edmeston.

I don’t think the paper will be out in time next week, so I will wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving now.

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Edmeston November 8, 2009

The Edmeston Free Library board held their bi-monthly meeting at the home of Donald & Irene Howard on Monday evening.

As she has done for the past several years, Kay York has created another miniature Edmeston building. This year she selected the Methodist Church. Members of the Edmeston Tea Circle will be at the Legion Hall, Saturday, November 21st from 9:00 A.M. til noon for you to pick up your miniature. If you did not pre-order, there will be a limited number available.

John & Dottie Blackman, Howard & Priscilla Turnbull, went to the Four County Library System in Vestal, Monday, to select 600 books, which will be on loan to our library for awhile. These books will be arriving shortly and will provide many hours of good reading. At the end of the loan time, the books will be returned to Four County, and another selection made available.

Although not on the Water Board, Fred Tilbe has spent many hours helping to repair and bring our water system up to date. Many thanks Fred! It is my understanding he received no compensation for his time, but wanted to help the community.

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Edmeston November 1, 2009

Standard Time is once again upon us. I understand that atl east one person showed up for church early (she didn’t set her clock back).

The United Methodist Church would like to thank everyone who supported them at the Election Day Dinner.

Arleigh and Marie Hoyt are once again back to the old grind after taking a much deserved vacation.

On Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. at the Edmeston Central School, there will be a Veterans Memorial Service, sponsored by the Wharton Valley American Legion Post 1311. Guest speaker will be Senior Master Sergeant Arthur Layton, Air Force Retired.

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Edmeston October 25, 2009

With the wind and rain, most of the leaves are off the trees and the woods look mighty dark and dismal. The shorter days are upon us and to make it seem much worse, we set the clocks BACK one hour Saturday night (Standard Time)

The firemen and auxiliary would like to thank everyone who attended the Chicken & Biscuit Dinner, Saturday. The donation dinner is a small price to pay in the event there is a fire or emergency. These people are constantly training and making sure the equipment is ready to go. Lets face it, these people are actually on call 24/7 and all of us should support them!

The Rotary Halloween Party will be Saturday night at the school. It starts at 6:30 P.M. Come enjoy the fun and refreshments!

The Methodist Church is putting on the Annual Donation Election Day Dinner (Turkey & all the trimmings). Serving from 4:30 – 7:00 at the school. Take outs available. They are extremely sorry if anyone got cut short last year. They assure me that won’t happen this year.

Tuesday, November 3rd is Election Day……Don’t forget to VOTE!

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Edmeston October 18, 2009

Several of the faithful readers made mention there was no Edmeston column in the Gazette last week. I had gone to Ohio to visit Marilyn Davis and attend a sauerkraut festival in Waynesville, Ohio, and didn’t get back in time to submit my column. While at the festival I tried several dishes made with sauerkraut, including a German Sundae and oh yes, a sauerkraut pizza!

I know there will be some grumbling, but it happens every year…..make a mental note that on November 1st, we go back to standard time, so be sure to set your clock BACK one hour when you retire Saturday evening October 31st.

The Edmeston firemen and auxiliary are sponsoring a Chicken & Biscuit Dinner, this Saturday, (October 24th) at the firehouse, with serving from 4:00 – 7:00 P.M. This is a donation dinner and take outs are available.

The Edmeston Rotary Club will once again sponsor a Halloween Party at the school. This will take place on Halloween (Oct 31st) and will start at 6:30 P.M. Refreshments and fun are one the program!

Election Day will soon be upon us (Nov. 3rd). The United Methodist Church will once again be serving a Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings at the school. Serving starts at 4:30 P.M. This is a donation dinner and take-outs are available.

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Edmeston October 4, 2009

The public response was very poor for the fire department open house. If anyone who didn’t attend, had a fire or emergency, they would expect the department to respond to them. Come on people, lets support these men and women who volunteer their time to train and maintain the equipment to be able to answer an emergency.

The United Methodist Church women will be holding a Rummage Sale at the Legion Hall, Thursday, Oct. 8th, noon to 5:00 P.M. and Friday, October 9th, 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., with a bag sale starting at noon on the 9th. Donations may be left by the door Thursday morning.

There will be an “Open House”, Saturday, October 10th from 9:00 A.M. to Noon at the Goodfellas Bakery (Higgins’ old store). You are invited to come see the facility, meet the staff and try the free samples.

There will be a Memorial Service at the Second Baptist Church, October 10th for Scott W. Larsen, who passed away August 18th in Acworth, Ga. The family will be in attendance from 10:00 A.M. until the service at 11:00.

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Edmeston September 27, 2009

Sunday, October 4th will be the start of National Fire Prevention Week (Oct 4 – 10). It is also the day the fire department is having an open house from 1:00 – 4:00 P.M. With colder weather coming and the days are getting shorter, get ready for the heating season. Have your furnace or stove checked and be sure to check the chimneys and stove pipes. Make sure you have a flashlight in working order and check the batteries in your smoke and monoxide detectors.
Make sure your 911 number is displayed outside and can easily be read. The 911 number is the one you call in an emergency, but your house should have a number that should be displayed outside. This number can save valuable time and make it easier to locate your home. In the event of an emergency, stay as calm as possible and answer the questions being asked by the dispatcher. All of these things are very important and should have your full attention.

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Edmeston September 20, 2009

New exchange student! The Edmeston Rotary Club is sponsoring a new exchange student. She is Hanna Gaudian and is from Germany. Hanna is presently staying with Bob & Karen Zaleski and attending Edmeston Central School where I understand she is playing soccer. Wednesday evening she was introduced to the members of the Rotary Club. Welcome to Edmeston Hanna!

Chad, Jenn and little Ayden, Oneida, spent Sunday afternoon with grandpa and grandma Eriksen.

Heart felt sympathy is extended to the family of Clifford “Bud” Pickens.

You used to hear a lot about ten-four (CB Lingo) but not so much any more, but in this case the big ten-four stands for October 4th when the fire department will host an open house from 1:00 – 4:00 P.M.

I understand Labor Day had a special meaning for Ralph Ludington, as that was his birthday. Oh, yes, Ralph celebrated birthday number 99 on Labor Day. Happy belated Birthday Wishes, Ralph!

Allen & Mary Gilmore, Elbridge, New York were callers on Wes & Rosemary Stephens on Saturday.

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Edmeston September 13, 2009

People paying their school taxes have been faced with construction materials and workers in the halls, but never the less, they were able to make their way to the office and the tax collector. School was able to start on schedule even with the construction.

The bi-monthly meeting of the Edmeston Free Library was held Monday evening at the home of Leon Schworm, on Wharton Creek Road. The substitute librarians and Mr. & Mrs. George Blessing were guests of the library board.

Word has been received that Robert M. Wheeler passed away on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at Davie, Florida. Robert was born in Edmeston and resided on South Street for many years. Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family.

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Edmeston September 6, 2009

Congratulations to Grandpa & Grandma Eriksen on the arrival of a new grand child. Chad & Jenn have a son, Ayden Gary Goodier, born September 2, 2009 – 8ls 1oz and 21 inches long.

Barbara (Langworthy) Vary her son and daughter, Ontario Canada & Ohio were recently in town and toured the Edmeston Museum on Tuesday.

Laurette Lewis & daughter Robin of Sulphur Springs, Texas, have been visiting her parents, Royce & Ruth Hill. While here they visited her grandmother, Dorothy Hill in Norwich and other relatives. Before returning home they toured the Edmeston Museum where family names are listed in the Military exhibit.

Three Edmeston students will return to school with very interesting “What I did on my Summer Vacation” stories. Allen Wengert, Megan Lawrence and Carl Hourihan traveled to Australia as People to People Ambassadors. The program was started by President Eisenhower. They first attended several training sessions in Binghamton, and raised money in any and all ways in order to be certified Ambassadors. Over the period of July 6th through the 25th, our students experienced the Wet Tropics Rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, had their picture taken with a koala bear, went bush walking in the outback and stayed with farm families. They experienced Australian daily life in small towns, and saw the famous Sydney Opera House complex, and that’s just a taste of where they’ve been. We have reason to be proud of these students. Search them out and learn some more about living “down under”.

If you have ever wondered about joining the fire department or emergency squad, this will be the time to ask questions and get answers, The fire department will be holding an open house on Sunday, October 4th from 1:00 – 4:00 P.M.

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Edmeston August 30, 2009

Congratulations to Ryan and Chris Williams, Quakerstown, Pa. on the birth of their son, Daniel Howard Williams, born August 26, 2009 at 1:02 P.M. The grandparents are Kathy (Turnbull) and William Williams. Great Grandparents are Howard and Priscilla Turnbull. Daniel makes Great Grandchild number six for Howard and Priscilla.

When the Library Board did the Rotary Supper on August 26th, we had a chance to talk to Martha Winsor, Principal of E.C.S. and she expects the construction to be completed enough so that school will be able to start on time (Sep. 8th) Watch for stopped school busses!

Mark your calendars for October 4th. The Edmeston Fire Department will be holding an open house on that date from 1:00 – 4:00 P.M. If you have missed the open house in the past or just want to see what’s new and be able to ask questions that may have been bothering you, this is the time!

WATER CONSERVATION: I have been contacted by the Edmeston Water District #1 and advised that the water conservation alert has been lifted. Repairs to the system have been made. Thanks to everyone for conserving water during this critical time!

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Edmeston August 23, 2009

The first part of the month, Cindy Davis, Ohio and daughter Jennifer, Kentucky were in the area visiting friends and relatives. They were only here for a few days, but enjoyed coming back for awhile.

Sunday was a busy day for Leon Schworm as he held a family reunion with 24 relatives coming from Duanesburg, Greene, Florida, New Berlin, Syracuse, Burlington Flats and Edmeston. The rain held off and old pictures were looked at and shared. A good time was had by all.

The New Berlin Youth Days will be taking place this weekend. The parade is scheduled for Saturday night and should be bigger than usual as the Chenango County firemen’s convention will be going on at the same time.

Several of our local students have left for college and many more will soon be leaving. The construction at our school is coming along, but it is still questionable if it will be completed by school opening. Watch for notices if the opening should have to be delayed!

The Water Company is still asking for conservation of water. Washing cars, watering lawns, etc. should not be done. There has been a big demand on the system so that is why they are asking for conservation.

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Edmeston August 16, 2009

‘Please Conserve Water’ With recent demands on our water supply, we ask all our water customers to stop watering lawns, washing cars, filling pools, etc. Edmeston Water District #1

Gavin Goodier and sister Hannah, were recently here from Pa. visiting Grandma and Grandpa Eriksen and Dad, Chad.

The Book Sale, Saturday, at the Library, was a big success. It just goes to show that not everyone is watching the boob tube with all the re-runs.

The Old Mill Restaurant was the setting recently for three couples from Edmeston (Don & Irene Howard, Bob & Berni Nonenmacher, Dick & Marge Holdridge) to celebrate 60 years of marriage. They weren’t all married on the same day, but the same year. Congratulations folks!

Great weather for the motocross this past weekend at Unadilla Valley Sports Center. Guess we finally got a taste of Summer weather.

Some students have already left for college and others are soon to follow. It won’t be long now before our local school will be starting. Hope the construction is completed by then.

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Edmeston August 9, 2009

Saturday afternoon, with fair skies & slight breeze, the outdoor wedding of Michael Mumbulo and Dana Stringham, took place at the brides parents home. The wedding was officiated by retired Justice, Leon Schworm.

Marilyn Davis has returned home to Lebanon, Ohio, after spending a few days visiting with friends and relatives here.

Ernie and Linda Whitacre, Bob and Helen Alcott have returned home from a great trip to Shevlin, Mn. They drove their grandson home after a months visit here. Weather, about like ours (little sun & downpours daily).

There will be a graveside committal for Owen C. Green, Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 2:00 p,m. This will take place at the West Oneonta Cemetery.

Don’t forget to stop by the bank, Friday (11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.) to enjoy ice cream. This is a Customer Appreciation Day and sponsored by the Bank and Financial Services Representative Brian Lent.

Sunday, August 16th at the West Exeter United Methodist Church, Doug & Joyce Besemer, will present a “Civil War Music Concert” All are welcome!

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Edmeston August 3, 2009

The actual Anniversary date is August 18th, but a surprise 25th Anniversary Party was given to David & Lisa Norton on July 31st. Family and friends gathered at the Norton Pavilion on Coontown Road to celebrate. Congratulations!

On Friday, August 14th, the NBT Bank of Edmeston and Financial Services Representative Brian Lent will be holding an Ice Cream Social at the bank (11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.) This is a Customer Appreciation Day and just their way of saying Thank You!

Not sure if it was skill or just plain luck, but Ed Pylinski had a hole in one on #2 at the Riverbend Golf Course, July 29th.

Rosemary and Wes Stephens have returned from a trip to Alaska. Guess from talking with them, the weather there was much nicer than we have been having here.

Marilyn Davis, Lebanon, Ohio is in the area visiting friends and relatives.

During the last week of July, the Nonenmacher clan (Bob, Berni and off-spring) gathered at Gilbert Lake State Park for a family reunion: thirty five in all. Ten from Virginia and the rest from various locations in New York State. Cameras were kept busy catching the four generations as they ate, played games, built sand castles, reminisced and marked the 60 years since the marriage of Bob and Berni. Congratulations!

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Edmeston July 26, 2009

Congratulations to Dick and Marge Holdridge, who observed their 60th Wedding Anniversary on July 23rd.

The farmers and the people vacationing say “enough with the rain”. I keep thinking that August will be hot and dry. When you see the ads for the County Fairs, its a sure sign that we are about half way through Summer. The stores are all pushing the Back to School items, and I guess it won’t be long.

The Otsego County Fair starts Tuesday (August 4 – 9)

Do you know the seven 2’s of Vacation? Vacation consists of 2 weeks which are 2 short, after which you are 2 tired 2 return 2 work and 2 broke not 2!!

Have a great Summer!

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Edmeston July 19, 2009

This Wednesday, the new Rotary President (Dave Green), will introduce the Rotary District Governor to the Edmeston Club. This will be the governor’s first official visit to the Edmeston Club.

During the recent 126th Annual Otsego County Firemen’s Convention, held in Schenevus, Art Klingler, Jr. was awarded the Gary Goodier Service Award in recognition of his service not only to the fire department, but to the community as well. Well done and deserved Artie.

You’ll explore caves of the Underground Church, meet the Apostle Paul, create cool Bible-times projects, experience thrilling real-life dramas, play high-energy games, sample tasty Middle Eastern snacks & hear unforgettable music. Plus you will meet lots of new friends! Where is all this taking place? The Second Baptist Church vacation Bible School. It all starts Sunday, July 26th and runs until Thursday, July 30th. Time: 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Pre-registration preferred, but not required. All are welcome. For information, please call 965-8540 or visit to download the registration forms.

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Edmeston July 12, 2009

The Town Historian and eight members of the Coventry Town Museum Association, toured the Edmeston Museum on Tuesday. This group selects museums in the area to see how they operate, if there are any ideas or information they can take back for their Association. They were very pleased and impressed with our museum.

The bi-monthly meeting of the Edmeston Free Library was held Monday evening, at the home of Dick and Lorrie Saunders on East Street.

Bud and Sally Pickens, North Carolina, are in the area visiting family and friends. They attended the morning service at the United Methodist Church.

There is to be a joint Church Service and Picnic (West Exeter, Burlington Flats & Edmeston) on Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 10:30 A.M. in back of the Burlington Flats United Methodist Church. Bring a dish to pass, your table service and meat (cooking facilities will be available). Everyone is welcome!

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Edmeston July 5, 2009

On Sunday, April 25, 1954, Rev. Edmund F. Gibbons, Bishop of the Albany Diocese, dedicated the Church of the Nativity, B.V.M., on North Street, with the Rev. Joseph Kelly celebrating the first Mass. On Sunday, June 28, 2009, the final Mass was celebrated as the Church is closing its doors.

The Edmeston Rotary Club changes Officers for the year on July 1st. The Officers for the coming year are: President, Dave Green, Vice President, Marty Winsor, Secretary, Peg Robinson and Treasurer, Barb Fallis.

I understand George Chesebro, a member of the Edmeston Fire Department (Ed. #3) has moved to Virginia. Lauren Waite will now assure the position of Ed. #3.

A “Surprise Retirement Party” was given to Dave Kent, Saturday evening. Many friends and relatives were on hand to wish Dave good luck in his retirement.

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Edmeston June 28, 2009

By the time this goes to print, it will be July. Another month has gone by, as well as another graduation. Sunday morning started out with heavy fog, but by mid morning, it had cleared and was a nice day.

The gym was full of relatives and friends as the Senior Class marched down the aisle to be seated and await their name to be called to receive their diplomas. A few tears were visible, but now all is history.

The 102nd Annual Alumni Banquet took place on Saturday evening with 185 people attending. Some were from various parts of New York Sate while some were from places in the United States. Loretta Cursh was recognized as the oldest alumnus present. The names of those who have passed away since last year were read and a carnation in memory of each put into a bouquet.
There was a display of pictures and yearbooks. Some of the pictures were the building of the school in 1939 (70 years ago) The yearbooks were every ten years from 1939 to the present. In addition, there were two pictures of Ralph Ludington. One of his graduation in 1929, the other taken in December. Ralph was unable to attend, but wanted to share the pictures as well as the program from the alumni & graduation in 1929. Ralph is the oldest alumnus.

Don’t forget to vote, Tuesday, July 7, 2009 on the proposition sent recently in the mail. Poles open from noon until 8:00 p.m.

Have a safe and enjoyable fourth!

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Edmeston June 21, 2009

June is “Dairy Month”. The Edmeston Office of the NBT Bank will be having lite refreshments all day, Friday, June 26th in the bank lobby in honor of Dairy Month.

Anne Holdridge, former Edmeston resident, now residing at Otsego Manor, will celebrate her 90th Birthday, Monday, June 29th. Lets give her an old fashioned Edmeston Card Shower. The address: Anne Holdridge, Otsego Manor, 128 Phoenix Mills Cross Road, Cooperstown, New York 13326

Sunday evening, the Class of 2009 attended the Baccalaureate Services held in the 2nd Baptist Church.

This year marks the 102nd Annual Alumni Banquet for Edmeston Central School. Saturday evening past classmates will gather for the banquet and talk over old times. Each year the attendance seems to grow. While other schools sometimes have a class reunion in the Summer, ECS still continues with the Alumni Association. Special recognition is given to classes having anniversaries.

Sunday Afternoon, June 28th, will find the members of the Graduating Class of 2009, marching down the aisle to receive their diplomas. Congratulations to the members of this Class of 2009!

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Edmeston June 14, 2009

The Edmeston United Methodist Church holds many fond memories for Pastor Robert J. Herrala. Sunday, he and his wife, Margaret, attended church for an Anniversary. It was in this church he completed his schooling, was ordained and married. He served as Pastor for fourteen years. Coffee and cake were served following the morning service.

I understand Guy Carey is home from the hospital and has been out walking around some. Hope he continues to improve.

Doug & Bernadine Bagg will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on June 27th. If you have memories or pictures, even stories that you could share, send a card to the happy couple. Cards should be sent to Doug & Bernadine Bagg, C/O Melodie Bagg, 406 SW Maynard Road, Cary, N.C. 27511-4408

Baccalaureate Services for the members of this years graduating class will be Sunday evening, June 21st at 7:00 P.M. at the Second Baptist Church. Many schools no longer recognize this wonderful event. Edmeston continues on with the tradition.

Have you noticed the signs telling about the Home of Girls Soccer Class D, State Champions, 2008 & Boys Baseball, Class D, State Champions 2005 & Boys Soccer, Class D, State Champions 2003, are all now nicely displayed in one area coming into town. It really looks much nicer to have them all in one location.

Congratulations to Patrick Norton, Edmeston, who has been a student at SUNY Canton for the past two years and a member of the Canton Steel Bridge Team, which recently won the national steel bridge building competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Canton team rose through regional competitions to arrive in Vegas where the competition was fierce and won by a hair. Patrick is working toward a career in civil engineering.

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Edmeston June 7, 2009

Sunday night the Edmeston Emergency Squad held its annual dinner and election of officers. Squad officers are: Captain, Debra Klingler, 1st lieutenant, Darleen Camenga, 2nd lieutenant, Gloria Robinson, 3rd lieutenant, Barb Bateman, Treasurer, Lisa Norton, Recording secretary, Joyce Swartfager.

The members of the Alaskan Missions Team returned home Sunday afternoon.

Ed Losee is now home and was sitting on his porch Sunday afternoon. If all goes as planned, Guy Carey is due to come home Monday after being in the hospital for four weeks.

The Edmeston Rotary Club sponsors a “Student Exchange” program. This year the student was Kei Tanka, from Japan. At the Rotary meeting Wednesday, Kai spoke about his home in Japan. The families and friends who hosted Kai were guests of the Rotary Club. The Edmeston Free Library put on the dinner.

Fathers Day (June 21, also the first day of Summer), Graduation (Sunday, June 28th) both are rapidly approaching – are you ready?

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Edmeston May 31, 2009

As the song says, “June is bustin’ out all over“. The month of May sure zipped by in a hurry! The calendar says a full moon on the 7th, so perhaps after that we can have some nice weather without the threat of frost.

On June 6th at 11:00 A.M., at the United Methodist Church, Edmeston, there will be a memorial service for Dorothy Blanchard.

The man who robbed the Edmeston Office of the NBT Bank, turned himself in to the Otsego County Sheriff. Guess once his picture was put in the paper, he figured someone would be able to identify him. He was arraigned in Town of Edmeston Court and sent to the Otsego County Jail. Bail was set at $100,000 cash or $200,000 bond.

Congratulations to Art Klingler for being awarded the distinction of County EMS Dispatcher of the year!

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Edmeston May 24, 2009

Tuesday morning found Edmeston in a state of shock, when the NBT Bank was robbed. An unidentified man passed a note to the teller and demanded she hand over an undisclosed amount of money. Police said no weapons were displayed. Almost immediately the rumors started, but to my knowledge no arrests have been made.

From last reports, Guy Carey is still in MIB Hospital. Ed Losee has been moved to the Otsego Manor, where he is showing daily improvement.

The news had to be submitted early this week, due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Weather permitting the parades took place in West Edmeston at 9:00 A.M., Edmeston at 11:00 A.M. and Burlington Flats at 1:30 P.M. The Burlington Flats parade is always a big one and this year it was expected to be even bigger as people will be coming from all over to honor fallen soldier,
Cpl. Michael Mayne.

A ceremony honoring Lieutenant Colonel Donna M. (Johansen) Dorminey, on her retirement, was held at the Edmeston Central School at 4:30 P.M. on Monday, May 25, 2009.

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Edmeston May 17, 2009

Memorial Day 2009 (Observed May 25th) Parades: West Edmeston 9:00 A.M., Edmeston 11:00 A.M., Burlington Flats 1:30 P.M.

The Edmeston Rotary Club will again sponsor their chicken BBQ starting at 11:00 A.M. (following the parade)

The Edmeston Museum will be open Memorial Day ( May 25th) from 9:00 A.M. to Noon.

Results of the Dale Palmiter Golf Tournament, sponsored by the American Legion Post 1311, Saturday are: Men’s division: Regan Smith team – Sherburne. Womens division: Nancy Carey’s team, Edmeston. Tony Ross had a hole in one on #6. Raffle prizes were donated by Preferred Mutual, New York Central and Clarence Houk. Bill and Nancy Sherwood took over the supervision of the tournament as Guy Carey was in the hospital. Proceeds from the tournament go to the Dale Palmiter Scholarship Fund and the local food pantry.

It looked for awhile like Edmeston was trying to take over MIB Hospital. Jack Vunk, Cindy Vibbard and Dick Holdredge have come home, but I understand Guy Carey and Ed Losee are still there. Rev. William Highfield is now under hospice care. His address is: Fots Home, 104S Herkimer St. (Room 210) Herkimer, New York 13350

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

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Edmeston May 10, 2009

A P-u-r-r-fect day for the opening of the KAT Store at its new location in the old depot at the end of South Street.

By the time this goes to press, it is hoped that Cindy Vibbard will be home. She has been a patient in MIB Hospital for over a week, but Jerry said they hoped to release her on Monday.

Ron and JoAnn Martin left Saturday morning to spend two week in South Carolina.

Karen and Gary Lewis, Michigan, Carol and Burt Archer, Virginia, are here to visit Ed Losee, who is a surgial patient in MIB Hospital, Cooperstown. They have been here about a week and so were able to spend Mothers Day with Ed and mother Jean. Hope he will be able to return home soon.

The Annual Perennial Plant sale sponsored by the United Methodist Women is Saturday, May 16th from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. (the Smith’s at Barretts corners, Corner of route 80 & 51). These plants are all from local gardens, so are used to our weather changes.

May 16th is Armed Forces Day – be sure to fly your American Flag!

The Edmeston Rotary Club will once again have their Annual Chicken BBQ on Memorial Day, right after the parade (May 25th) Proceeds from this event go to help the Rotary Club sponsor the Student Exchange Program, Halloween Party, Christmas give-away and other local projects right here in town.

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Edmeston May 3, 2009

A Mass will be held in the Edmeston Catholic Church on Sunday, May 10th at 11:00 A.M. in honor of Rita DesRoches who passed away this past March at the age of 89. She had served as the church organist during her 35 years in Edmeston and is remembered as “Grandma D”, the pie maker.

The KAT store is getting ready to open for business in a new location. Watch for the opening, soon, in the the old depot on South Street.

I understand the “Bread Man” has closed his business in the old Higgins Store. The building has been sold and the new owner will open a business (bakery) after doing some remodeling.

The fire department would like to thank anyone who donated to their auction and also to those who attended the auction, it was a big success and the proceeds will be used for the equipment fund.

Happy Mothers Day (Sunday, May 10th)

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Edmeston April 26, 2009

What a great weekend for the end of April. They say “April showers bring May flowers”, but right now we could actually use a little rain.

The Watercress Farm Greenhouse will be open for business, Saturday, May 2nd. It may be a little early to plant the gardens, but not to make your selections. Don’t forget that Mothers Day is Sunday, May 10th. Why not pick out some nice flowers for her while the selections are complete?

May 2nd seems to be a popular day. This is when the Firemen will be holding their Annual Auction, starting at 1:00 P.M. Donations are still being accepted, (no white goods, please) for pickup, call: 965-8703 or 965-9834. This auction is to benefit the equipment fund.

Still another event for May 2nd, the Annual Book Sale at the Edmeston Free Library. This runs from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. at the library. This is a great time to pick up some good reading.

The United Methodist Church will once again have their Annual Perennial Plant Sale, May 15th. This takes place at the Smith’s (corner of Route 51 & 80 (Barretts Corners) 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The plants are from local gardens, so are accustomed to our weather.

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Edmeston April 19, 2009

What a wonderful weekend. We finally had sun and warmer temperatures. While looking out my kitchen window, I saw a humming bird. There not being many flowers in boom right now, I immediately got out my feeder so the poor little guy had something to eat.

With the sun and wind, things have really dried up. The Fire Department urges extra caution with any outside burning. The department has already answered several calls for grass and brush fires.

The Annual Donation Auction, sponsored by the Fire Department is Saturday, May 2nd. This is to benefit the equipment fund. They are asking for donations (no white goods or junk, please). To arrange for donation pickup, call 965-8703 or 965-9834.

Benefit Spaghetti Dinner, Sunday, April 26th at the firehouse, 11:30 to 4:00. This dinner is to benefit Claude Davis, Jr., who has a rare form of lung cancer. Menu: Spaghetti and meatballs, sausage, salad, bread, drink and cake. Adults $7.00 children 5 – 10 yrs, $4.00, under five, free.

A Mission of the Heart, “Mikes Kids” Please join us in continuing the mission started by Corporal Michael L. Mayne in Iraq during his service there. It was Mike’s wish to provide these children, who know only war and poverty, an opportunity to have something of a childhood. This is truly indicative of Mike’s loving and giving heart. His mission must be fulfilled. The following items are needed:
Balls-rubber balls, soccer balls, nerf balls, footballs. Match box cars, individually wrapped hard candies, pencils, bubbles, small toys & funds for shipping. NO GUNS, PLEASE!
Donations will be accepted at the NBT Bank in Edmeston, Honoring the life of Corporal Michael L. Mayne.

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Edmeston April 12, 2009

Easter Morning found us with sunshine, but a very cold wind. Attendance at the churches was very good. Fifteen lilies, some tulips and hyacinths adorned the alter at the United Methodist Church.

Local people seem to be very hesitant to give me news, but I did get an e-mail from Texas, telling me that on March 19th, in the Village’s in Florida, a small group from the Class of 1956, Edmeston Central School, got together. Those attending were: Ken & Sandy (Lohnas) Haggerty (NY), Fred & Pat Page (VA), George & Pat Twist (TX), Dick & Carroll Winters (NY), Dave & Beverly VanVenschoten (NY-FL). With good food and fond memories, a great time was had by all.

The Rummage Sale to benefit “Camper ships” at the Methodist Church Camp (Sky Lake), will take place at the Legion Hall, April 16th (Thur), noon til 4:00 P.M. and Friday, 9:00 A.M. til noon, then a $2.00 bag sale from noon til 3:00 P.M.

The Edmeston Fire Department will be having an Auction, May 2nd at 1:00 P.M. Donations are being requested (no white goods or junk, please) To have donations picked up, call: 965-8703 or 965-9834.

Benefit Spaghetti dinner, April 26th (Sunday) at the fire house 11:00 A.M. til 4:00 P.M. This dinner is to help defray expenses for medicine, housing and transportation to and from Pittsburgh Cancer Treatment Center, for Claude Davis, Jr.

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Edmeston April 5, 2009

Mother Nature didn’t co-operate Saturday for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by the firemen’s auxiliary. Even with colder temperatures and a few snow flurries in the air, 52 children enjoyed the hunt.

The United Methodist Women will be holding a Rummage Sale, April 16 & 17 at the old American Legion building. Donations are requested and may be left Thursday morning 8 – 12. The Sale starts Thursday and runs from noon til 4:00. Friday, the Sale is from 9 – noon and a $2.00 bag sale from noon til 3:00. Proceeds from the sale will go to sponsor “Camperships” to Sky Lake.

If you have wondered about Sky Lake, it is a beautiful camp run by the Methodist Church. There will be an Open House at Sky Lake at noon on May 17th. Last year the women were able to sponsor four full “Camperships” with the proceeds from the Rummage Sale.

With Sunday being Easter, lets hope the weather is better. Many churches have a sunrise service in addition to the regular one.

Happy Easter!

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Edmeston March 29, 2009

Just think, a year ago, we were celebrating the Bicentennial (the founding of Edmeston 200 years ago) with a community Birthday Party. Time certainly has a way of slipping by doesn’t it?

April 1st (April fools day) marks the opening of trout season. The last few years, the streams have been high and the weather cold, but for the true fisherman, this is all in a days work.

With the rain we had Saturday Night and Sunday morning, the danger of grass fires has been greatly reduced. There is still a chance of a few snow flurries, and that is to be expected, as we like to share with those who are returning after spending the Winter in the South.

Bernie Ritchey has moved and is all settled as a resident of the West Hill Apartments.

If you have been wanting chicken BBQ, the wait is over! The Edmeston Baseball team will be sponsoring a BBQ on April 8th. This will be held at the firehouse starting at 3:00 P.M. Price $4.50

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Edmeston March 22, 2009

The calendar said Spring started on Friday, March 20th, but as I write this on Sunday, there are snow flurries in the air. I feel sorry for the birds and other creatures, but guess nature will take care of them.

It’s not long after the snow disappears that we start hearing about grass fires. The Edmeston Fire Department was called out Saturday for a grass & brush fire already!

Irene Weir had the misfortune to have the cellar stairs give way with her. She is reported gaining from the fall.

Dave Green is spending some time with his parents, Owen and Alice Green, in North Carolina. While there, he tries to catch up on some of the chores and get things ready for Spring & Summer.

The train on the front lawn of New York Central Mutual Insurance Company, announces daily when it is noon. Depending on the air and wind, the whistle can be heard for quite a distance.

The people from this area who go South for the Winter, should be heading North shortly. Hope they bring some good weather back with them.

A reminder for the little folks, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by the firemen’s auxiliary is April 4th, starting at 10:00 A.M. at the home of Tom & Linda Eriksen on South Street.

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Edmeston March 15, 2009

The robins and red winged blackbirds are here, and the geese are flying North, all welcome signs of Spring, which by the way according to the calendar, starts Friday.
Several people have mentioned that their Spring flowers are starting to peak up through the ground. In a sheltered area, there was even a report of pussy-willows. It is said they will come out in March regardless of the weather.

Sunday at 1:00 P.M., there was a County wide siren test. The control center, with the touch of one button was able to set off all the sirens in Otsego county. Each department was then contacted to make sure they received the test. This would be necessary in the case of a National disaster. Sunday was also “Recruitment Day” and anyone who was interested in joining a fire department or emergency squad could fill out an application. If you are interested and were unable to be there, contact Mike Hume or Larry Brown for an application.

Well, its almost that time of year again. Yes, the firemen’s auxiliary will once again be sponsoring an “Easter Egg Hunt”. This will start at 10:00 A.M. on April 4th, at the home of Tom and Linda Eriksen on South Street.

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Edmeston March 8, 2009

With the time change and warmer weather, several flocks of geese have been seen going North. Sure hope they know what they are doing.

The snow has certainly melted with the warmer temperatures and rain. The creeks have come up some, but not as much as expected with the melting snow. I know we will still get more snow, but it shouldn’t last…we still have to have “Poor Mans Fertilizer”.

The Edmeston Library Board met Monday evening at the home of Lorraine Corts for its bi-monthly meeting.

The Annual Meeting of the Edmeston Union Cemetery will be Monday evening at 7:00 at the home of Lorraine Corts on East Street.

To all who are Irish and those who are Irish for just a day…..Happy St. Patricks Day (March 17th)

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Edmeston March 1, 2009

On February 26th, Howard and Priscilla Turnbull were flooded with cards from friends, wishing them a Happy Anniversary. When you check the calendar, you find they have been married 65 years. Congratulations folks!

The Edmeston Museum recently received two dolls and a wicker carriage, from the late Erma Zimmerman Gould. The dolls were in need of some repair, due to their age. Susan Ackerman, New Berlin, New York was kind enough to take the dolls home and work on them. When she returned them she gave a brief history of the dolls. She determined the dolls were made by Cuno & Otto Dressel of Germany in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s (Coleman’s Encyclopedia of Dolls). We certainly appreciate the work Susan did to restore the dolls and furnish the information. They are now on display at the Museum. Just a reminder, the Museum is open the first Saturday of each month or by appointment.

Well, it’s that time of year again and unless you plan on getting up in the middle of the night, set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. (Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday, March 8th)

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Edmeston February 22, 2009

Snow, snow and more snow. This seems to be the order of the day as I write this column. Even with all the snow, the turn-out for the Chicken and Biscuit Dinner was very good. The Auxiliary would like to thank all who attended.

By the time this goes to press, we will have already passed “Ash Wednesday” (Feb 25th) Easter will soon be upon us (April 12th).

Looking ahead on the calendar, March 8th will be when we start Daylight Savings Time. March 17th of course is St. Patrick’s Day, followed by March 20th and the first day of Spring (Hooray!)

Need help to stretch your food budget? Opportunities for Otsego, Inc, Extra Helpings Program, has applications at the bank. Deadline for filling out these forms is March 9th. What’s available, cost, etc. are on the forms.

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Edmeston February 15, 2009

Race fans gathered Sunday, at Paul Jensen’s, to enjoy the NASCAR Daytona 500 Race. This has been going on for several years and always draws a big crowd of race fans. Makes a nice day and everyone seems to have a good time.

Word has been received that Mildred “Millie” Miner, a former school librarian/teacher at E.C.S., passed away. “Millie” as she liked to be called, often returned for the Alumni Banquet, to see former students and teachers. After retiring, she and husband Charles, built and operated the Barker Brook Golf Course in Oriskany Falls, and would have one day a year set aside for the Edmeston faculty to play golf and enjoy a reunion. She will be greatly missed.

With school being off all this week, it gave some of the parents and students time to venture South, where hopefully, they were able to get away from the cold and snow.

Don’t forget the Chicken and Biscuit Dinner at the firehouse, Sunday, February 22nd, sponsored by the firemen’s auxiliary. This is by donation and take-outs are available. Serving is from 11:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.

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Edmeston February 8, 2009

There are still Birthday Calendars available from the firemen. Keep in mind these calendars started with February, so its not too late!

A reminder that the firemen’s auxiliary is having a Chicken and Biscuit dinner, Sunday, February 22nd, with serving from 11:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M., this is a donation dinner and take-outs are available.

Even when the ground hog saw his shadow and we know there is more Winter ahead of us, its comforting to know that a robin has been seen and a few trees have been tapped – THINK SPRING!

The American Red Cross had a blood drive at the school on February 6th. It was at this drive that Fred Tilbe donated his 26th gallon of blood. Congratulations Fred!

To all of you who will be sharing candy, flowers, cards or what ever – Happy Valentines Day (Feb. 14th)

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Edmeston February 1, 2009

The sun Sunday helped to settle the snow a bit, and made you think of Spring, even though we know there is still a lot of Winter ahead of us. Looking out my kitchen window, I can see the deer trying to reach some of the young branches of the scrub apple trees. Two of the deer are younger and the snow is up to their bellies. I suppose there will be quite a few that will not make it to Spring.

Between keeping water in my humidifiers and food in the bird feeders, its almost a full time job. Its been a lot of fun to watch the birds and try to identify them.

The Methodist Church is sponsoring a Spaghetti Supper, Thursday, February 12th from 4:00 to 6:30 P.M. at the old Legion Hall. They have done this for the past several years and the way it works is you bring a quart of spaghetti sauce or some dry spaghetti (a cash donation is also acceptable). Proceeds from this supper will go to the local food bank. If cash donations are made rather than bringing the sauce and spaghetti, the money will be used to purchase food and supplies for the local food bank.

Sunday, February 22nd is the Chicken & Biscuit dinner, sponsored by the firemen’s auxiliary. This takes place at the firehouse and serving is from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. This is a donation dinner. Take-outs are available.

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Edmeston January 25, 2009

Last week we had a couple of days that were above freezing. Wonder if that was our January thaw? When you get up in the morning and the thermometer reads 12 or 14 below zero, makes you wonder if the groundhog will stay hibernated on February 2nd, or be brave and stick his head out.

Sunday, February 1st will be breakfast time at the Legion Hall. Serving is from 7:00 – 10:30 A.M. and features: Pancakes, French Toast, Sausage, bacon, home fries, hash, juice, coffee, tea or milk and eggs just the way you like them. This is by donation and will help the Legion with their Boy State project.

The NBT Bank branches in the Daily Star circulation area are having a “Customer Appreciation Day” January 30th. Each branch will be having its own celebration. The Edmeston branch is planning to have: Juice, coffee and muffins for the morning customers, finger sandwiches, carrot & celery sticks for the noon time customers and coffee & dessert type snacks for the afternoon customers. This all takes place from 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. on January 30th. Come in and join the celebration and sign up for drawings for Savings Bonds.

The Edmeston Fire Department Auxiliary are making plans for a Chicken & Biscuit Dinner to be held at the firehouse on Sunday, February 22nd. Serving from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. This is a donation dinner. Take-outs available.

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Edmeston January 18, 2009

There are pictures on display at the bank. These are from the Edmeston Museum Collection, and will be changed every Wednesday. The pictures of local people and places and are very interesting. Check them out, you may even find yourself in one!

Irene and Kevin Maggrett were here for the weekend, at their home on Wharton Creek Road. They left Long Island to get away from the cold, only to get a taste of our weather which included 16/17 below zero. They didn’t seem to mind and said it was good to just get away.

The firemen’s calendars start on February 1st. If you ordered one and haven’t received it yet, or if you would like to get one, please call Dave Green at 965-9930 or contact any fireman.

The Legion Breakfast is fast approaching. This will be the first Sunday in February (Feb. 1) with serving from 7:00 – 10:30 A.M. Why not support the Legion by attending the breakfast, then go home and get comfortable and ready for the Super Bowl?

Webster’s Dictionary says “Groundhog Day” is February 2nd. The legend that the groundhog emerging from its burrow returns to hibernate if it sees its shadow on this day (1871). February 2nd, observed traditionally as a day that indicates six more weeks of Winter if Sunny or an early Spring if cloudy.

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Edmeston January 11, 2009

The Edmeston Fire Department held its annual meeting and dinner, Saturday evening. Officers for 2009 are: Fire Chief, Mike Hume; First Assistant, Larry Brown; Second Assistant, George Chesebro; President, Dave Green; Vice President, Rick Benjamin; Secretary, Bob Simmons; Treasurer, Steve Goodrich. An excellent turn out even with the snow storm.

A plea from truck drivers who deliver your fuel, regardless of what kind you use, PLEASE keep an open path for them to get to your house.

If you haven’t already done so, check the batteries in you smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Wouldn’t hurt to also check batteries in flashlights in case of a power failure.

The Annual meeting of the Edmeston Free Library was held Friday evening at the library. Officers for 2009 were elected as follows: President, Priscilla Turnbull, Vice President, John Blackman, Secretary, Lorraine Corts and Treasurer, Leon Schworm. The past years business and plans for the New Year were discussed. In addition to the Secretary and Treasurer reports, Librarian Dottie Blackman gave a report on the number of books that had been checked out for the year. A new Trustee, Michelle Hoffmann was welcomed to the board. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of good books just waiting to be checked out.

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Edmeston January 4, 2009

On these cold Winter nights, if you want something to do other than watching TV, how about reading a good book? The Edmeston Free Library has a great selection of books by your favorite authors on many different subjects. Library hours are: Tuesdays 3:00 to 9:00 P.M. Wednesdays 1:00 to 6:00 P.M. Thursdays 1:00 to 6:00 P.M. and Saturdays 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.

The Annual meeting and dinner of the Edmeston Volunteer Fire Department will take place at the firehouse on Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 5:30 P.M.

The Edmeston Museum is open the first Saturday of every month, 9:00 A.M. to Noon or by appointment. Edmeston is very lucky to have such a nice museum. If you have never been there or if it’s been quite a long time, why not make a visit?

The Annual meeting of the Edmeston Free Library will be at 7:00 P.M., Friday, January 9, 2009, at the library.


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