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2018 News

Edmeston, NY ~ April 16, 2018

By: Justin Brown

Edmeston Free Library plans Community Garage Sale

The Edmeston Free Library has been busy planning to return a great community event, the Edmeston Community Garage/Yard Sale Day.  

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M., the library will host a Chinese Auction at the Edmeston Firehouse and local community members can set up their garage or yard sales.  The library is looking for new or gently used auction items for the Chinese Auction, which can be donated at the library, during regular hours.

If you would like to become part of this first annual event and host your own sale, you can get your home on the map for five dollars, which can be donated at the library.

Never been to the library? Check it out, and check out a good book.  The library is open Tuesday through Friday, Noon to 5 P.M., and Saturdays 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.

Edmeston, NY ~ April 9, 2018

By: Justin Brown

The Effects of the Cold Spring

The weather we have experienced has been crazy, back and forth between winter and spring.  The late snowfall has caused the season of baseball and softball to wait for better weather.  At this time Edmeston Central School has cancelled a handful of their games due to snowfall and accumulation.  On the other hand, local snow removal businesses have been enjoying the late snowfall as they have still been plowing for the light accumulation.  

This late spring has had many griping and wishing for better weather to come.  Some suggest that this late spring will lead to a warmer summer. Over twenty days past the Spring Equinox, weather forecasters are now concluding that winter is slowly losing its grip on spring.  

Edmeston, NY ~ April 2, 2018

By: Justin Brown

What’s New? Local News

The Pathfinder Village produce market recently celebrated their 5th Anniversary and with that, the Market introduced online ordering for the Market.  Currently, the Produce Market is every Thursday from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. at 3 Chenango Road, Edmeston, NY.

The online ordering is available through Pathfinder Village’s website or by going to market.pathfindervillage.org.  Ordering is available from Friday at 10 A.M. to Wednesday at 12 Noon, and pick-up is during the market’s regular hours.  

The Market invites the community to interact with residents and purchase fresh produce at a reasonable price.  

In other news, the town of Morris has a new event center and venue, located at 193 County Highway 49, Morris, NY.  The Grove of Butternut Valley will be hosting an Open House from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. this Saturday, April 7th. The newly renovated facility is now booking events including Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, and more.  For more information you can go to thegroveofbv.com and stop into their Open House to enjoy horderves and cocktails as you check out this new facility.

Edmeston, NY ~ March 19, 2018

Pathfinder Village makes Flavorful Historical Tie

By: Justin Brown

The Pathfinder Village Bakery is proud to announce their latest treat, Peet Hook Bread.  This new treat comes following some research conducted by the Village Baker Gary Gelatt and the staff of the Edmeston Museum.

Together Gelatt and the staff found a label for “FREEDOM Peet Hook Bread baked by the Edmeston Bakery.”  After further research they discovered that this bakery produced up to 250 loaves of bread in 1901.

Edmeston was settled by Europeans during the American Revolution and the dutch settlers called the hamlet “Peet Hook.” The dutch used “Hoek,” meaning corner, to call a place a hamlet. And Peet came from the local tavern keeper, Benjamin Peet, at the town’s first hotel, located where the present firehouse is.

To honor the community’s baking traditions Gelatt has developed his own version of Peet Hook bread, with a very simple recipe and no high fructose corn syrup or preservatives.  This bread is great for grilled sandwiches, french toast, and freezes well.

If you’d like to try the Peet Hook bread for yourself, you can buy a loaf at the Pathfinder Village bakery Monday through Friday 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. & Saturdays 7 A.M. to 12 P.M. Or try some of the many other types of breads Gelatt makes, including Multi-Grain, Honey Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, Pumpernickel, Rye, or Sourdough.

Edmeston, NY ~ March 12, 2018

Local Couple Shaving for a Good Cause

By: Justin Brown

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation was created in 1999, and the first head-shaving event was held on St. Patrick’s Day in Manhattan and had 19 bald heads and $104,000 raised for Childhood Cancer Research.  This has now grown to over one million dollars raised, in 2002, over five million dollars in 2005, and most recently nearly thirty million dollars raised for research, in 2014.

This year, Karen and David Delker, of Edmeston, are joining in to support the cause this year, by shaving their heads.  They are going under the shaver on March 24th at the Norwich American Legion Post.

Karen said, “We chose to help by raising money and shaving our heads… to stand with the little babies that lose their hair during their treatment.”  They want to help to fund research and you can help them reach their goal. You can donate online at stbaldricks.org, go to Spike’s Pizza, A.C. Hoyt’s Hardware, and Rustic Ridge Winery, or call Karen & David at (607)-965-8542.

This funding has been put to work and, in 2015, the FDA approved a new drug, specifically, for Childhood Cancer and has “drastically increased the cure rate,” for certain patients, according to stbaldricks.org.

This is truly a great cause and I would hope that you donate, if you can, to support the Delker family, and the Child suffering from Childhood Cancer.

Edmeston, NY ~ March 5, 2018

Edmeston Presents Seussical the Musical, March 9 & 10

By: Justin Brown

The Edmeston Central School Music Association proudly presents Seussical the Musical in the ECS Auditorium at 7 PM on this Friday, March 9th and 1 PM & 2 PM on Saturday, March 10th.  

Seussical enters the world of Dr. Seuss, combining many stories he has written over the years. Watch as Horton the Elephant finds the tiny clover of Whoville and the story of the smallest Who of all, trying to save them all.  This musical is an adventure taking the audience on a roller coaster of fun exploring the imagination of Dr. Seuss, making everyone feel like a child again.

Tickets, $7 each, are now on sale in the ECS Business Office, to buy tickets you can call (607) 316-8931. Or you can buy any remaining tickets at the door, before the show.  

Edmeston, NY ~ February 26, 2018

Edmeston Central School Updating Security Policies

By: Justin Brown

As classes resumed following February break at Edmeston CSD, students were welcomed with an assembly with Mrs. Nichols, Principal of students.  Their assembly was focused on the concept of “See Something, Say Something,” encouraging students to speak up, about anything they see that could be a threat towards the school.  

This assembly comes following the Parkland School Shooting in Florida, and the threat made against the Edmeston School District in November.

The school district will be tightening security of the entry points to the school and their visitor policies, increasing safety to students.  They plan to release a letter to the parents in the district updating them on the new policies.

After the assembly I spoke with Mrs. Nichols, she discussed how the District has run drills in the past and are hoping to work to get Active Shooter Training in the building, although it is unknown whether this training will be for students or faculty.  

I also spoke with, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Furman, he confirmed, with Mrs. Nichols, that the administration will be meeting with the New York State Police and local law enforcement officials.  This meeting will be focused on reviewing the current policies and systems in place for such situations. From this meeting, they will revise any procedures necessary and, he mentioned the possibility of structural changes, if needed.

Dr. Furman considers the possibility of active shooter situations as a “concern,” and mentioned the role that social media plays in these events.  Lastly, he mentioned the factor of mental health issues, citing that they are on the rise at nearly all levels, county, state, and country.

This is a developing story, that will have updates on as the information becomes available.

Edmeston, NY ~ February 26, 2018

Edmeston Presents Seussical the Musical, March 9 & 10

By: Justin Brown

The Edmeston Central School Music Association proudly presents Seussical the Musical in the ECS Auditorium at 7 PM on March 9th and 1 PM & 2 PM on March 10th.  

Seussical enters the world of Dr. Seuss, combining many stories he has written over the years. Watch as Horton the Elephant finds the tiny clover of Whoville and the story of the smallest Who of all, trying to save them all.  This musical is an adventure taking the audience on a roller coaster of fun exploring the imagination of Dr. Suess, making everyone feel like a child again.

Tickets, $7 each, are now on sale in the ECS Business Office, to buy tickets you can call (607) 316-8931. Or you can buy any remaining tickets at the door, before the show.  

Edmeston, NY ~ February 16, 2018

Edmeston Varsity Boys, Tri-Valley League Runners Up

By: Justin Brown

Last Saturday, February 10th the Edmeston Varsity Boys faced off against Gilbertsville-Mount Upton Varsity Boys Basketball team for the 2018 Tri-Valley League Champion Title.  

The boys played at the Dewar Arena on the SUNY Oneonta Campus.  The Boys Championship game started following the nail-biting Girls Championship game, featuring Franklin and Morris girls.  

Just 1:15 into the game Freshman Josh Martin put the Panthers on the board with a layup. Sparking an intense first quarter, finishing the quarter tied 15 to 15, where Junior Derek Lyon led scoring with seven points.

At halftime, the Panthers were able to pull a slight lead of 29 – 27 over G-MU, where Josh Martin held the team high of 13 points.  

At the start of the second half, the G-MU Raiders were able to gain on the Panthers finishing the third quarter ahead, 42 – 51.  In the last quarter the Raiders maintained the lead, much similar to the in-season game between the Panthers and Raiders.  

And for the final, the G-MU Raiders defeated the Edmeston Panthers 63 to 51, to take the 2018 Tri-Valley League Title.  

Edmeston’s Josh Martin poured in 28 points and Derek Lyon contributed 14 points for the Panthers.  

For the G-MU Boys, Senior Hunter Lockwood had the team high of 18 points and scored his 1,000 point on the foul line during the second half.  

He is the first player since Gavin Backus in 2001 for G-MU, where they were both playing Edmeston when they reached the milestone.  

Both teams played a good game and made for an intense night at SUNY Oneonta, especially following the Girls League Championship.

On the other hand, the Edmeston Lady Panthers finished out their season with a Tri-Valley consolation game against Cherry Valley-Springfield with a win of 41 – 31.  

Sophomore Madison Bolton held the team high of 13 points for the Lady Panthers. And Senior Cassie Menendez scored for the Lady Panthers, for the last time, 9 points.

This is not the end of the year for the Boys team as they will enter the Section Four play-offs this coming week, as students are on Winter Recess.  

Edmeston, NY ~ February 9, 2018

Edmeston School hosts 1st International Week

By: Justin Brown

From January 29th to February 2nd, Edmeston Spanish IV students executed the School’s first annual international week.  

Monday through Friday, the cafeteria served cultural food from five different regions, including Germany, the Middle East, France, Asia, and Mexico.  Students also served samples of food from those regions, during the lunch period.  

Students also planned multiple contests for throughout the past week.  On Tuesday they hosted an International Trivia Contest and Thursday they hosted an International Cooking Contest.  And, throughout the week they hosted a mystery greeter contest, where a different teacher would say “Good Morning,” in a different language, and students would guess on the teacher and language.

This very fun week, was executed very well, and was good to incorporate international cultures into the students every day life.

In other news, the underdogs succeeded, the Philadelphia Eagles won the teams first Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, 41 to 33.

Edmeston, NY ~ February 2, 2018

Super Bowl LII: New England Patriots v. Philadelphia Eagles

By: Justin Brown

This Sunday, February 4th, at least a million football fans will be at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota, while tens of millions will swarm to their televisions to see the 52nd Super Bowl.  

The New England Patriots playing as the home team will face the Philadelphia Eagles.  This game will be hosted in the northernmost location for a Super Bowl game ever, Minneapolis.  

The National Football Conference (NFC) East, Eagles, have not been in the Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXXIX, in 2004, where they were defeated by the New England Patriots in Jacksonville Florida.  On the other hand, this will be the New England Patriots ninth visit to the Super Bowl stage since 2000.  In that time they have won five of those visits.

While fans watch the game, there is also a growing amount of viewers watching for the commercials and halftime spectacle.  In 2004, at the teams’ last match-up, a thirty second Super Bowl commercial costs over two million dollars.  This year, fourteen years later, a thirty second Super Bowl commercial, expectedly, costs over five million dollars.  A hefty increase, while viewers have increased by the millions.  

And lastly, before the big game, support the Edmeston Fire Department at the their monthly donation breakfast, this Sunday from 7 to 10:30 in the morning.  Enjoy a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday.

Edmeston, NY ~ January 26, 2018

By: Justin Brown

Edmeston Free Library Welcomes New President

On Monday, January 8th the Edmeston Free Library Board of Directors held their annual meeting at the Edmeston Free Library.  At this meeting, past board president, Barb Turnbull, handed the responsibilities and duties of board president to Joel Staples.  The following Saturday, I met with the new president at the library.  

We began our talk by discussing the accomplishments for 2017, where he explained that the library has, “prepared for the task at hand.”  According to Staples, the library has prepared to execute the projects that the community is looking for.  These projects are based from community surveys.

Now that Joel Staples has stepped into the role of President, he is “excited about the challenges at hand,” further stating, he is “ready to give it my best shot.”  He is hopeful to help and lead the library to fulfill the, above stated, projects and tasks of the library.  As with the role of President there are worries, of which, Staples explained, he fears that the library “won’t deliver in a timely manner to the community.”  Further mentioning that the projects and tasks at hand are going to take time.  He wants the community to understand that they are working to achieve their goals, but it will take time.  

Staples plans to make everything “very clear to the community,” with what is happening, “and being very transparent,” about it.  Looking ahead, I asked Joel Staples about the library and boards’ plans for 2018.  The big plan for 2018, is to be fully automated by the end of this year. Staples informed me that, “automation was recently signed in with the four county [library] system (FCLS),” meaning that the library district, that Edmeston is a member of, has gotten confirmation that the library will be automating, with the FCLS assistance.  

With this big step beginning, I asked him when changes will begin to be noticeable. The board president, mentioned that an immediate change will be the expansion of hours for the library.

As we finished, Joel Staples discussed what he, personally, is looking forward do this year, where he discussed many aspects of convenience for the patrons of the library.  Everything from the expanded hours to reserving a book at home.  He also plans “to make a push on [their] FaceBook and [their] online presence.”  Overall, Staples wants to be very transparent, so that the community is understanding of what is happening.  In close, he said “we are all just a bunch of people that are trying to do something good for our community.”  

Throughout the rest of this year, I plan to have more “sit-downs” with members of the library, including the librarian, board members, volunteers, and patrons, to keep up with the changes at the library.

Edmeston, NY ~ January 23, 2018

By: Justin Brown


The Edmeston Fire Department’s fire whistle became a familiar sound over the weekend of January 19th to 21st.  Beginning on Friday the 19th, at around five o’clock in the evening, fire crews responded to the neighboring town of Pittsfield for a structure fire.  Following that call, until five o’clock in the morning of Monday, the 22nd, the Edmeston Fire Department responded to six fire calls.  A total of six calls over sixty hours, which works out to being one call every ten hours.

In the small town of Edmeston, the Volunteer Fire Department can go weeks on end without a single emergency.  This weekend, they definitely were busy.  They responded to a variety of calls over the weekend, from fires to car accidents, and more.  

In the calendar year of 2017, the Edmeston Fire Department responded to approximately ninety-three calls, totaling up to nearly eighty-six hours of volunteered time.  After this weekend, they have reached the thirteenth call for 2018.  This marks nearly 15% of the calls they responded to in 2017, in less than thirty days of this year.  Not to mention, the Edmeston Emergency Squad, has had countless more calls in 2017 and 2018, as well.

If you would like and opportunity to thank these volunteers and give back, the Edmeston Fire Department hosts their next monthly donation breakfast in a few weeks, on Sunday, February 4th from 7 to 10:30 A.M.  They will be serving, scrambled eggs, home fries, sausage, bacon, french toast, and pancakes.

Thank you to the men & women who volunteer and have volunteered to keep the people of Edmeston safe!  



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