Edmeston, NY 13335

February, 2015

Notice to Bidders – Sand and Gravel

  BANK RUN GRAVEL 0 TO 5,000 YARDS ITEM #4 0 TO 10,000 YARDS MAXIMUM SIZE 1.5” DIAMETER SAND 0 TO 5,000 YARDS MAXIMUM SIZE 0.5” DIAMETER COBBLES 0 TO 2,000 YARDS Prices may include a loading fee. Separate quotes are solicited for unloaded materials.  Materials must be available by March 12, 2015.  Proximity of […]


NYSEG Streetlight Outage Reporting Form

Is there a streetlight out in your area? Please fill out the form  at NYSEG’s website with the location of the streetlight, the nearest cross street and the pole number – usually located on a metal strip attached to the pole.


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