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2012 Mowing Bid


The Town Board of the Town ofEdmestonis accepting bids for the following:

Grass mowing at theMunicipalBuilding, Highway Barn, and the Little League Field, the Pavilion, VeteransPark, and Jennings Cemeteryon Robinson Rd., Upper & Lower Springs, the Fire Reservoir, the Well House and the area around the Legion Hall.  Any person submitting a bid should have the legal capacity to work around the Little League Field.  Those persons interested should send a bid to:  Town ofEdmeston,PO Box5133,

Edmeston,NY13335or hand deliver to the Town Clerks Office during office hours. 

Please write “Mowing Bid” on outside of the envelope.

All Bids will be opened at the Monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday April 10, 2012at7:00pm.  If you have any questions or would like more information or specifications about the areas of mowing, please contact Fred Tilbe at 607-965-8043.


The Town reserves the right to award part of all of the bid.  The Town also reserves the right to reject the entire bid.


Thank you,

Linda Eriksen
Town Clerk

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